7 Things That Made My Life Easier While Pregnant...

Ashton Callison

Whether you handle pregnancy with absolute grace or you take a ride on the struggle bus all 9 months (hand raised), here are some things that I did/used while pregnant that made it "easier" for me. Hopefully they help you too! ;-) 

1) I had morning sickness with all three of my kids. It lasted the first trimester and then abruptly stopped, thank goodness. During those mornings that I felt like death was upon me, I learned a few things that helped me function a little better. 1) Do not put yourself in a position that you have to rush. Slow movement helped my morning sickness. 2) Eat toast. I managed to never throw up toast, but if I got brave and wanted eggs or something more interesting - puking. Not good. 3) I learned that I didn't need to put makeup on until the afternoon. I know that sounds silly, but I used to pressure myself to look "beautiful" and then I would end up rushing, exhausting myself, and then puking my make up off. NOT HELPFUL. So, during this time of your pregnancy, try to give yourself some grace and just focus on feeling better - not looking better. <3 You'll look better if you feel better!

2) Buy maternity clothes. Don't torture yourself by trying to fit into your normal clothes. I understand that it feels like a lot of money for a temporary season, but if you're able - buy comfortable clothing! You're pregnant! You're already uncomfortable more than likely, so buy clothes that won't make that worse. 

3) Carry snacks in your purse! If I ever caught myself starving while out and about, it created a major issue. I would either end up eating something I shouldn't, or I would start to feel horrible. Don't let yourself get to the point of feeling sick because you haven't eaten. Pack snacks in whatever bag you carry, or have some available in your car!

4) Try and nap. This is SOOOOO hard. Especially if you are working most of the day or you have young children you stay home with. This is huge though. I have been pregnant while working full time and I have been pregnant staying home with little ones. While I was working full time, I would do my best to rest on my lunch break. I would go to my car, chill in my seat, and try to just relax or sleep for 10-20 minutes. If you do not have that luxury, try to go to bed earlier. It is so important for you to get your rest. If you're staying at home with kids, make your kids have a quiet/nap time. I don't care if you're anti screen time. If it means you get 30 minutes of rest. DO IT. You are not a mom failure for letting your child use an electronic device while you chill for a bit. It doesn't have to be all the time, but seriously REST. <3

5) Drink your water. I know this is obvious, but I finally figured out the 3rd time around that drinking a lot of water really helps you. HA! And no, tea and coffee do not count. I asked my midwife and she said absolutely not. So, drink water. Leave the extra beverages as a reward for drinking your water. :-)

6) Buy a comfortable bra - now. I learned quickly that your normal cute, underwire, push up bra is not going to fly during pregnancy. It's one of those things that you can live with, but why torture yourself? Again, buy comfort. ;-) 

7) Last, but not least - do not ask for advice on facebook. I know it's tempting, but as soon as you start asking for advice publicly, you open yourself up for all kinds of conversations that usually end up stressing you out. There may be extremely helpful people in your life, but go to them one on one. I have found that facebook is the breeding ground for mom shaming/judging. It's insane! There is no need for it either. I have never gained anything from tearing down a fellow mom. Anyways, try to have one on one conversations with people you trust. I always went to my mom, doctor, midwife, or close friends that have had children. You don't need advice from an acquaintance during this season of your life! 

I hope these things help your pregnancy journey! You're growing a human. It's hard and it's exhausting, so try and not be too hard on yourself. It's temporary and the joy your baby is about to bring you is worth everything you go through these nine months! That I can promise. <3 



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