Three things mamas need to hear...

Whether you are a mom of 1 or 20, we all need to hear these things...

You are doing just fine...

I know the feeling - your dishes are starting to pile up, laundry is not folded, the floor needs swept, your kid is still in their pajamas and it's 2 in the afternoon, you're still in your pajamas at 2 in the afternoon...

It's okay. It will all get done and even if it doesn't, it will be fine! Everyday you choose your child over your dishes, it's not wasted. Eventually you will see the fruit of your labor and all of these days of "did I even get one thing done today?" will be long gone. Take the time to enjoy the time you have with your kids and not feel guilty. They need you. They appreciate YOU - not the dishes being done, the laundry folded, or the floor swept. They think you're doing great. 

Take a moment for yourself -

If you have the opportunity to give yourself some time - DO IT. Refuel, rest, relax, drink your coffee or preferred beverage in peace, walk through Target for no reason. Just take a moment to regroup. 

WE NEED THIS. If we don't do this occasionally we will eventually become that mom that yells and snaps at the ones she loves most. Don't let it get to that. Don't feel guilty - take a moment for yourself. 

You're enough - 

Don't feel like you have to be involved in every activity, program, play group, sport, etc. When you have a child in Elementary school, a maniac toddler, and a baby on your hip, you don't need to worry about all the extracurricular activities. Your kids don't need them at this age either. They just need you. Don't make yourself crazy because you feel the pressure to be "involved" in everything. Others may, but you don't have to. It's okay to have free time! There will be plenty of years for the sports and activities! You're enough for your kids right now. 

Keep up the good work, mama. Thumbs Up on Apple iOS 12.1

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