About Us

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our shop! Here's a little bit about us...

Mama Bear Shop is family owned and operated out of Kansas. Like most stores we have suppliers from all over the world, but we run our store out of the US! We started this business because we wanted more flexibility with our lives and more time spent with our kids. I am a mom to four and when we came up with the idea to start an online store I thought that a store catering to moms would be perfect for me to work on! With my husband's business skills and my knowledge of pregnancy and motherhood, this was a win for us! 
We love how we are able to reach out and encourage all kinds of women and their families through our social media posts and newsletter. This has been an unexpected bonus and blessing to our "job," so make sure you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 
This shop has been a tremendous blessing to our family and we look forward to making it even better for our customers that we are trying to reach. <3
Thank you for checking us out!